NextCloud as a simple DMS

Hi folks!
I’m looking for a fine simple solution that will help store and manage documents in my company. Something like a DMS system, but not all of the DMS features are needed. Right now we are using SVN to store documents, but our clients and employees find it hard to use. I have to find simpler solutions for non-IT clients.

My requirements are:

  • the opportunity to open it “into the world” for sharing with customers. Is it safe with NextCloud to use it without a VPN?
  • access / service via http or other means that does not require the installation of any software from the client- PASSED
  • versioning of files
  • no limit as to the type of file that can be stored in the system- PASSED
  • sharing a file to many people - PASSED
  • file and user level permissions
  • integration with authorization in LDAP

Requirements that would be nice to see:

  • the option of disabling versioning on a specific file
  • the possibility of migrating data from SVN with history

Will NextCloud do a good job in these areas?

It is safe to open up. And you can even limit what the users can share outside. You can for example limit certain files so they only can be open inside but not externally.

You can set limits on what you share with others. And from nextcloud 16 together with groupfolder app you can apply acl like structure.

you have versioning of files. But i dont think you can turn it of on just a specific file.

And no you wont be able to migrate from svn (from what i know) and retain the history.

Hi. You could migrate the SVN-history by running a script, that iterates through all commits and is then performinc a checkout for each commit into your nextcloud-directory. This should create one nextcloud-version per SVN-commit. Maybe you have to throttle-down the iteration.

You can share to groups of users as read-only to avoid edits on particular files / folders.