NextCloud Application not allowing share via email

I have not been able to find a reference to this so if I missed something please let me know.

Currently my users can share via two options on the website ui of nextcloud.

  1. The top option of the share menu asks for a username or email address.
  2. Or you can use the share link option

Both options work fine off the site. #1 is my concern. If I enter, I click on the email address and it adds the user to the share list in the folder or file. It also sends 2 emails. One with the link and a second one with a password.

When I use the Nextcloud Windows Desktop application, if I right click on a file or folder and select “Share with Nextcloud” and the top portion of the share menu will show me the email addresses the file/folder is shared with. The desktop client even allows me to remove an email address from the share menu.

But it doesn’t allow you to enter an email address and share like the Web ui. In the desktop app, the share option only gives you “Share with users or groups” and does not include the email address. When I try to type an email address to share with it states “No Results for "

Is this by design and if so will there ever be the option to share via email with the Desktop applications?

I’ve just moved into Nextcloud and met the same behavior. The function to share with unknown e-mail addresses via the desktop client would be very helpful.
greetings Wolfgang F.