Nextcloud App (Talk) Audio Issue on screen sharing

NextCloud version: 15.0.2
Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.25) : Apache
PHP version:

The issue you are facing:

We have enabled Talk app 15.0.3. Call link sharing, audio and video calling feature is working fine along with chat and file sharing options while connected on call. But when we try to screen share or any window, the audio gets disconnected and audio doesn’t work any more. In fact almost the whole conversation/meeting go in kind of non responding state.

Could you please assist in this regard? how this can be fixed or any ETA around when there will be new update with this fix?


have you installed a dedicated (co)turn server as well? as far as i remember some features won’t work without your own (co)turn server.

plus: a but ore informations about your setup/environment would be welcomed as well

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for responding? Could you kindly elaborate a little bit on (co)turn server? Please find below details and let me know if you need some further info?




Version: 7.2.13


Type: mysql

Version: 10.2.19

as i don’t have one setup myself i’d advise this howto to you… hopefully it’s gonna help

Sure, let me look into and revert back with status.