Nextcloud App on Pixel 8 Pro looks like PWA instead of the actual NC App

Hi there! Im new here, so if i dont provide information that might be useful instantly im sorry in advance. Anyways, i just installed the Nextcloud app on my new Pixel 8 Pro and instantly noticed it was very different to what it was on my Pixel 6 Pro.

This is how it used to look like: (actual app with the app features like auto upload etc.):

And this is how it looks now for some reason, basically just an embed browser window in the app:

I also noticed that every time i close and start the app iā€™m being logged out completely, even my server configuration is gone. I tried to reinstall, clear data + cache, nothing helped. Is it just a bug on the new Pixel Phones or did i miss something?

Both Phones use Android 14ā€™s latest version from the 5th of October

Thanks in advance,

I have two Android devices. One has the old version (3.25.0) and the other has the new version (3.26.0) installed. Unfortunately I do not know when and if the new version will be deployed.

Maybe you find an issue here or open an issue.

3.26.0 was released September 16, 2023 (Github)

On my Pixel 6 its on 3.26.0 already, on the new Pixel 8 i can only check it in the Play store, which also states 3.26.0