Nextcloud app not pushing notifications to phone's notification bar

I have two accounts on my Nextcloud app. Same server, one is the admin user the other is a regular user. I’m using two factor authentication via Nextcloud Notification.

The App will push notifications to my phone’s notification bar when I do it for the admin user, but not for the regular user. Both notifications show up inside the app, but only the admin notifications shows up on the Android notification bar.

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You should make sure that you’ve correctly defined who should receive notifications. This
is done under Settings -> Management -> Additional Settings -> Nextcloud announcements/Announcements, depending on which apps you want to configure.

@dhsc19: Do you have a solution already? I think I am running into the same problem.

Me to, I’m stuck in the same problem.
I thought it might be Turn server but my last nextcloud installation worked with notification over my phone without Turn server.

You’re mixing-up different things. A TURN server is only required if you want to use e.g. the Talk app, but not for Nextcloud announcements.

Have you tried to use an app specific password for the Nextcloud app?

While having 2FA with Nextcloud Notifications activated, the solution for me which brought me back the push notifications to android was to create a new App-Password. I had “old” App-Passwords in my account, created at least 3 versions ago, which never changed since then (I’m on NC18 now). I don’t know if the problem is related to the fact, that I used the same App-Password on multiple devices or just, that they were old.

What I did:

  • Nextcloud Android 3.10.0 from PlayStore (Notification Tab without dep. warning)
  • Delete Account
  • Connect to new App-Password via QR Code
  • Check before and after in mysql that push token changed:
    select uid, token, deviceidentifier, apptype from oc_notifications_pushtokens where user = ‘youruser’ and apptype = 'nextcloud’;

Same issue here with NC 18.0.3. Even if the workaround works, this would be a bug though, wouldn’t it?

I don’t think so, because this seems not to be a general problem which affects all users, otherwise it would have already been reported.

Same problem for me… also have 2FA enabled and connected the App without an App Password, but with one time in - app authentication.

This post was made in 2019! Still borked!
Push notifications on Android phones just not a big priority I guess huh?
minor feature. Slightly minor.

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