Nextcloud app & Nextcloud android app

Dear all, just to be sure about my understanding concerning Nextcloud Android app :

  1. This app only show files (music, movie, pictures, and various extensions) ?
  2. This app doesn’t allow to use mails, passman, contacts, chat, etc. ?
  3. If possible, how can I access to passman, mails, and chat through this app ?

Thank you very much

Correct! Access to the services you request isn’t currently possible.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. Before to close this topic, please, could you confirm that such services are planned for a next Nextcloud Android app version ?
Thank you again.

@Andy @mario @tobiasKaminsky

No this is currently not planned.
mails: nextcloud is no mail server, but acts also only as a mail client, so better use a decent mail client on android directly
passman: no idea :wink: I use keepass which uses the synced file via this app
contacts: davdroid; there is an integration for easier setup
chat: not yet planned


We are now some months further, maybe passman could be a nice addon to the android client?
I also use keypass on my mobile but must say that the passman feature on the Nextcloud Server is nice too… :slight_smile:

Don’t count on it. I think the NC mobile experience is likely only to get more modular (one app for audio, another for gallery, files, etc) as time goes by - everyone has different requirements and the main NC app will become huge.

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Hello, 2 questions :

  1. Not sure if I understood well, but do you mean that we can add some addons on NC APP (agenda, contacts, RSS, audio, etc.) ? I mean, with NC APP, I can access only to my files/pictures, no more.

  2. Is there any plan to integrate webdav sync into NC APP ? Because, each time I install NC APP in somebody’s smartphone, I gave to explain why I should install DAVdroid and OpenTasks. It’s too complicated for them (and so for me at the beginning).

Thank you