Nextcloud App Files integrated PDF Viewer on Samsung Tablet not working (starting)

Hi Devs and Community,

Android App 3.17.0
Motorola one Android 10 (pdf Viewer working)
Tablet Samsung Galaxay Tab A7 Lite (pdf Viewer not working)

Some time ago I read that pdf-viewer is now integrated in nextcloud android files app, which at that time i really appreciated cause I got rid of the other pdf viewers on android 10 (Motorola One Pure Android)

I really got used to it cause there are options of sharing and so on which I use sometimes,
it is nice but most of all I trust Nextcloud Files for Viewing Content.

I baught a new Tablet Samsung Galaxay Tab A7 Lite where this does not work.
I cannot choose Nextcloud Files as Default App for pdfs.

If I open a pdf File in Nextcloud App “One Drive” App starts and shows the pdf file.
If I disable this app the Tablet just errors with there is no app for pdf Files.
Probably in the App there is an option missing which actually tells android that it is capable of viewing pdf Files?

Did I miss something?
Can anybody give suggestions?

Thank you.

Perhaps you have set “One Drive” als Standard for pdf files.

Go to Settings → Apps → “One Drive” and delete all assignments.

After that i hope you are asked for default app.
Keep in mind that there must be at least two apps for a useful selection.
If there is only one app there is no selection.

Hi ,

Thanks for the fast reply.

There are no assignments listed and still it is used for pdf Files, I do not know how to link filetypes to apps.


But still:

I installed Pdf Viewer Plus on the Tablet now, so it is showing up as possibility. The included Pdf Viewer Plus in Nextcloud is not shown unfortunately.

Thanks again.

And what happens if you click on “Pdf Viewer Plus”?
Can you perhaps install another pdf viewer?

the pdf opens in pdf Viewer Plus

Yes, i could install another pdf Viewer which would be choose able.

Never the less: I thought that Nextcloud Files App has integerated the PDF Viewer Plus natively in the App, so another (pdf) App installed should not be necessary to open pdfs out of Nextcloud Files App.
This works on the motorola Phone (without One Drive or Pdf Viewer Plus App) but not on Samsung Phone where if I am disabling One Drive and uninstalling Pdf Viewer Plus App the pdf simply does not open.

Thanks again.

I think there is an integrated pdf viewer.

… and here not.

And yes. Perhaps Nextcloud can integrate an own pdf viewer in the app.
Create perhaps an issue


Ok, i did not know that (at least it does not show up in installed apps)

Ok, makes sense that a pdf file cannot be opened :wink:

I thought it was done but I was obviously wrong.
Seeing that an external pdf viewer meets the requirements (open source, light, privacy focused, etc.) I am not sure if this is a good idea (like “forcing” people in using a specific app)

But what would be a good idea is giving some kind of suggestion/advice for office apps on the smart phone like nextcloud suggest Outlook CalDav Synchronizer plugin for outlook.

Thanks for enlightning me.

I think it is also not a good idea to implement a (A)GPL nextcloud app on a proprietary operating system like macOS, Windows, Android or iOS :wink:

For many companies, this is the reason why it is not worth using free software at all. It doesn’t matter anyway. Why not use Microsoft with Microsoft Azure or iOS with iCloud? 1984 is long ago there.

And the other companies read perhaps this:

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In addition:
If companies pay a lot of money for microsoft products e.g. Microsoft Office it sometimes makes from finance no sense to use a dual vendor strategy with microsoft and nextcloud products. Nextcloud is free but you also need e.g. support and own systems.