Nextcloud app fails to sync my fotos and videos when stored on SD Card

Hi there,

I have used my Nextcloud server for migrating away from Google with great success. Only one things bothers me:
The automated synchronisation of the pictures and videos via WLAN doesn’t work reliable with the Android Nextcloud app.

I have a rather cheap chinese Android phone with Android 5.1

It seems to me that the issues is related to the fact that I store all my pictures & videos on the SD card since my internal memory is pretty small because of the apps I installed. When I switch back to the internal memory as prefered storage at least some pictures where synced last time.

I know that newer Android versions do rather “fence” application in the way they can access storage, e.g. WiiFi File Transfer Pro is also not allowed to write to the SD card anymore but still can read.

Is this a know issue ? Am I doing something wrong ?


I have the same on Redmi Note 6. SD card seem to be read only for Nextcloud. Autoupload fails with “failed to copy to local folder” and “local storage full” errors (both errors visible for the same file: one of those errors on notification, second on ‘sent’ list.

Autoupload seems to work for internal memory.