Nextcloud + Apache 74 + Qnap TS-251


I was looking for a solution to stop using Qsync and tried the VM aproach but it did not work very good on my case.

In case someone is on the same boat.

I installed Nextcloud using Apache 74 provided by Qnap Club on a TS-251 NAS (4GB Memory) it required purchasing the Apache & PHP 7.4.x from QoolBox for 5 Euros and it seems to work very well.

I am using Apache & PHP 7.4.x from QoolBox + MariaDB + Nextcloud (Apache 74) Qnapclub

Apache74_2446.74130Apache & PHP 7.4.x from QoolBox_x86_64.qpkg = TS-251

Hello @Leo_Rudolph,

please describe the issue your are facing.

Qnap TS-251 is x86 based NAS, which support Container Station. This in turn supports docker containers. There are some quirks related to the Qnap solution but in general you can follow Docker tutorials and run your Nextcloud Docker on Qnap NAS.

I’m running Nextcloud (Apache) as Docker container since few months on TS-251+ migrated to TS-459 Pro (both 8GB RAM). Whole setup: Nextcloud, MariaDB, Redis, Collabora, traefik, Coturn, PiHole (local DNS). Everything is accessible internally and from internet, with all the additional functionality NC provides you over QSync. If you are only looking for Qsync replacement without external access (https, hardening) you can start with just Nextcloud+Redis+MariaDB Docker (but don’t publish them directly on the Internet).

I’m surprised but it looks old Celeron like the one from Qnap NAS is capable of running Nextcloud with described attachments good enough for a family with 8-12 devices. Even Talk has better quality then Skype according to my mom.


Hello again,

My set up is working without issues. I just tried to post that you can use it as described above.

Open Questions:
@ wwe, Hey, can you explain a bit more about the plumbing of your setup for the security benefits?

I also couldn’t get some of this to work with Apache and php 8 package. Was there anything special that you point me to? Finally, was Mariadb free and if so, how did you install it? It seems to be 8 Euros now. Just curious

Positive Contribution:
A slight update/alternate install, as Nextcloud’s version 21 is out and requires php7.3: For a qnap, i got it to work by installing version 20 and using entware to update php7 to 7.4.

edited to correct php version

Ah, i see, MariaDB comes with QNAP by enabling SQL…


this way I’m not limited to software natively available on the Qnap. Nextcloud 21 works fine as Docker Container.

Not right, minimum php version is 7.3

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You’re right, that’s a typo on my part. Apologize. QNAP was stuck on 7.2.9