Nextcloud Android Client not fetching newly added Files / any possiblity for "automatic downloading"


I have some folder


on my Android device, which I marked for “Automatic Uploading” (with the remote directory /SofortUpload/Music). I then used the desktop client to add music to the remote directory, but this music is not fetched by the Android client to the desired directory, instead it is downloaded to


Is there any possiblity to make the Android client to download the music to the desired directory?

Thank you,


Hi @Frink,

unfortunately no. The client saves files within the apps folder/structure where the app has write permission. There is no actual auto-download except when marking a file for “available offline” while that will just mean that the client will keep the file up-to-date with the server version but that doesn’t work on folders (yet) and doesn’t work on folders outside the app’s directory.

Hi @Andy,

remarkably the synchronisation is working in both directions with the nextcloud-notes-app. Unfortunately I also can not symlink the folders from the app’s directory somewhere as a workaround because my filesystem does not allow this. Hopefully things will get better with the client…

Thank you,