Nextcloud Android client 3.8.0 RC1 is out

Hi everybody,

we are happy to announce the first release candidate for the upcoming Android release. It has already been uploaded to the Play store and should show up in the next couple of hours. As for the f-droid RC release, we published the PR but the publishing by f-droid might take some time.

Features you will get with this release are:

  • FIDO U2F support on login
  • load only 60 images on photo view, then load more on demand
  • do not auto upload .thumbnail files
  • allow to send crash report via email
  • paste clipboard into Collabora
  • use Conscrypt to support TLS1.3
  • show sharees in list view
  • lots of bugfixes and refinements under the hood to provide an even more stable app

For a full list, please see

Grab the app via google play store as a beta tester: or later on Fdroid. !:robot:

Happy testing and if you find any issue please report back to us on to resolve these. :slight_smile:

We are also still lacking some translations, so if you have some time to spare, that would really help us bringing the client to the users in as many languages as possible :slight_smile:



Hi there
Thanks for the great work with this product, I have been using for
approx a year now.

Re: translation - is there interest in translating into Irish? I would
be willing to do that.


Hi Andy

I wonder if you could help me. I had to re-set my computer when I tried to re-install Nextcloud I get the message “This email address is already registered” So I can’t complete the re-install.So my photos are stuck in Nextcloud and I can’t get my account back.

I will give a try it sounds nice, however I mostly use nextcloud inside firefox to be able to enjoy all App I enabled, I mostly use the dedicated app for the auto upload, and I wish we could ask nextcloud to scan and upload the file that where already inside the folder before we set it for auto upload.

Any idea about when Phone Track will be available for IOS?

This is great, now the photo view is usable. Before the loading time was 3-4 minutes.

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Afaik Nextcloud in general doesn’t ship translations for Irish, so unfortunately the Android client doesn’t either. :confused:

Not really, from what you posted I guess you need to find the login while your error message point too you rather trying to re-register an account with existing data (which won’t work of course).

That is something you need to ask the app’s developer over here: while my guess is never because he is an Android/Server dev.

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One can use it with Traccar on iOS as stated in the PhoneTrack wiki.

Hi, I’m curious about the FIDO U2F support in the android client.
I’m a happy user of u2f on the web interface in my NC15 instance.
The key i’m using is a Yubico Security Key NFC and I installed the Nextcloud Dev app from F-droid (version 20190829).

My questions:
Are the features included in this version, how would I test it and would it work with NFC?

Yes, it’s included in that build. @tobiasKaminsky can likely answer your question regarding how to use it.

I never used it with NFC, but only via usb adapter.
When you first authenticate your account you will see the possibility to use u2f and a bottom bar with intstructions will pop up.

Thanks for assisting Tobias and Andy.
TFA via u2f token works great with this build. Both nfc and usb work (made my otg cable useful again)
The reason I didn’t get a TFA notification is because I was using an app token. I was so used to using that instead of the main password. Nice to see that all TFA options are available in the android app, equal to the web gui.
One tip for NFC: keep the key on the phone long enough (1-2 seconds). The phone vibrates when NFC is detected, but that doesn’t mean that the token is accepted in the app.
The interface for u2f looks nice and clean, although english only, perhaps I need to file an issue for that on github.
Great work!

You’ll probably need to raise this with the u2f plugin: - more infos see also

Thanks for pointing out, I already guessed that after looking a bit into the code :wink:
Will raise it there. Thanks.

Edit: done.
Feeling privileged to being #1 issue on a project ,hah.

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It’d be nice if the NC Android client was less battery draining. It is by far the application that uses the most battery on my smartphone (2.4% on an hourly average).


After updating my photo folders are no longer updated automatically. Uploads do not work although all settings are correct. Yesterday it worked.

Afaik there hasn’t been any change regarding the auto upload implementation. Best to report such issues to the tracker on github at