Nextcloud Android client 3.2.0 RC1 is here

Hi everybody,

we are happy to announce the first release candidate for the upcoming Android release. It has already been published to the Play store. As for the f-droid RC release, we are working on that.

Features you will get with this release are:

  • Revamped details screen & sharing
  • minor UI/UX improvements
  • many bug fixes

Grab the app via google play store as a beta tester: or later on Fdroid. !:robot:

Happy testing and if you find any issue please report back to us on to resolve these. :slight_smile:



Photo/Favorites/Shared menu items in the main menu are broken atm:

Sorry for the inconvenience! :confused:

Hi @Andy
Updated from playstore
If I found some issue i tell you

Just a question, can I access to the recycling bin from the app??

Not for now, this is a feature we are currently working on while it’ll need a change in the server’s interface, so it will be available with Android 3.3 (development hasn’t started yet) and requires Nextcloud 14 (in development).
The corresponding development issue for the app is

Thks for answer
I never check the guithub :relieved:
Maybe before ask I check the next time

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No worries @Ricard :slight_smile:
It is just that you’ll reach more developers via github than via the forum :wink:

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