Nextcloud Android client 1.1.0 is here

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With the latest Nextcloud update and the iOS app released this week we are excited to announce today’s release of Nextcloud Android Client version 1.1.0 on the Google Play Store and f-droid (not live as of this writing, coming soon). This new version introduces two new, major features: Deeper integration into Android and a more comfortable way to switch between accounts. Besides that, there are smaller features like “select all” files during upload and optional creation of year/month based folders for the instant uploading of your beloved photos. Last but not least the new version also ships various bug fixes for minor issues like managing space via Androids app settings, rare crashes when switching between list and grid view,…

But enough for the management summary, let’s jump into the details of some of the new things this release is offering.

New action bar, drawer menu and account handling

device-2016-07-05-225019 We wrote a complete new implementation for the action bar, its drawer and the account management. So the menu is now the typical left, top main menu you might be used to from other Material Design apps.

Action bar and drawer

The new drawer comes with a new menu which marks the active item. Whenever you check for your upload queue or browse your files the menu will always reflect the context. Besides that you might have already spotted the difference in the header design. This is where the new account handling comes into play.

Account handling

The accounts handling was formerly done via the app's settings which also allowed you to switch between users. It has now been moved to a more central and intuitive position: the drawer menu. So starting with this version of the app, you will be able to switch between accounts via the menu. You also have easy access to the account manager and don't have to go to the apps settings anymore.

The header offers a very quick way to switch between configured accounts by simply clicking on the avatars (which are new to the app too) on the top right. Furthermore it now shows the user’s full name, the user name and the server address.
Besides the accounts switching you can also directly access the new account managers letting you change the login data or simply remove an account.

Deeper integration into Android

We added a document provider implementation to give you easier access to your Nextcloud hosted files on Android KitKat (version 4.4) or newer. The document provider basically plugs into the standard documents view of Android. Any app that supports opening document via this standard Android mechanism like some PDF readers can now directly open your files. So no need to actually open the Nextcloud app anymore to view a PDF, just open your viewer, select your Nextcloud account, choose your file and your done. For now we only support read access but plan to also add write capabilities in the future so you can edit your files in app of your choice and the app will take care of it.


Select all files during upload

This is a rather small change you asked for and we are happy to bring it you. The uploader view now has an option to select all files within the current folder.

Choose your upgrade now

You can download the new version via Google Play Store and f-droid and get these features and enhancements today. You can also device-2016-07-05-225118 Your help is super welcome, as your testing makes it possible for us to develop the Android app faster and still have a stable app for our users!

So have fun with this new release and stay tuned for the things to come in the future!

Further things to come & Call to actions

While you are enjoying our latest Android client release we are already working on the next releases which will bring new features like the long awaited multi select functionality. We are welcoming anybody who wants to contribute to the app. Just swing by the forum or the development repository on Github and let's have a chat. You can see what is planned here and be assured that anybody can contribute may it be coding, testing and reviewing as well as design work and writing documentation. This is a community effort and your help makes it possible!

Blog written by Andy Scherzinger, one of the lead developers on the Android app.


Hi everybody,

just to let you know f-droid hasn’t picked up the new release 1.1.0 yet. We are investigating this matter.

Sorry folks. :frowning:

Is this compatible with Owncloud server? Or does a shift from Owncloud to Nextcloud involve shifting both server and client side at the same time? I’m using Owncloud server and apps now, just want to know what the possible strategies are for moving over…

Loving the new look Android client. I’ve joint the tester program on Google Play and will be happy to play guinea pig :slight_smile:

Material design / document provider ftw! Loving this release!

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Yes they are compatible, but I can’t tell you for how long this will still be the case --> since at some point we might integrate server features not present in ownCloud and that don’t have a fallback which will then break the Android client for owncloud.

It is highly unlikely that they will be incompatible in the near future, at least not from the Nextcloud side.

Thanks for your test support @totalcaos

Happy you enjoy the new release @Bugsbane :slight_smile:

@Daniel_Malmgren In addition I’d make sure to disable automatic updates for this app. Just in case :wink:

Thanks a lot. I think for the time being I’ll stay with the Owncloud app, until I decide which way to go :slight_smile:

Great release! Especially I like the new way to switch between multiple accounts. :smile:

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@ all f-droid finally picked up the new stable too. :rocket:

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It’s such a good release that I hesitate to bring this up, but… well, like most designers visual details out of place irk me, and the use of the photo in the background of the icon really doesn’t work nearly as well as the flat blue background that the app icon had before.

For starters, the image is too small, and too little of it is displayed to be readily distinguishable, and then secondly, it reduces the iconic nature of the image by adding superfluous elements.

I’d suggest reverting to the icon used before, or if you really want an app icon that is distinctly Android, as opposed identical to the server logo, that you basically use a material design version of the previous icon (eg with the material design icon 45 degree shadow etc). If this is the route you’d like to go, I’m happy to help create the icon, just let me know. Otherwise, I’d strongly recommend using the previous versions icon, which worked well, already.

EDIT: I actually downloaded the launcher svg from master, and it already seems to not have the photo background. I tried applying Material Designs principals to what was already there in a couple of ways. Short version, on seeing it, I’m not a fan of the material design “paper” look here (with the 45 degree shadows) after all. The material design “color” look works quite nicely though. Here’s how they came out:

“paper” look:

“color” look:

Note that the “color” look is pretty similar to the original app launcher icon, but uses some MD inspired dropshadows to make the primary element stand out.

Anyway, thanks for all the great work on the app (especially working around my bug! :laughing: ) It’s turned out great, and I’m looking forward to seeing it’s progression.


CC @jan about the icon