Nextcloud Android app & sd card

Is there anyway that I can give the Nextcloud Android app (version 3.10.0) access to my sd card? I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 5.0.1.

I If I go into Settings -> Storage Path and try to select /storage/extSdCard/ I get an error “Failed during Migration”.

My phone’s internal memory is only 2GiB and not nearly big enough to hold my ebooks and music.

I suspect that this is a permissions issue.

Afaik, the mechanism to access external storages on Android 4/5 had been changed and therefore many phones had problems to write to a sd card. You should think about buying a new and up-to-date mobile phone because the official end of support date for this device was November 2015 and Android 5 and several vulnerabilities have been unveiled in the meantime.


The solution cannot possibly new to buy a new phone…

It seems to be a permissions problem as Nextcloud does not have write access to my sd card. I have logged this at Github: Cannot use SD card #5667