Nextcloud and VIBE Cybersecurity Join Forces to Launch Crypto as a Service

Originally published at: Nextcloud and VIBE Cybersecurity Join Forces to Launch Crypto as a Service – Nextcloud

As shared in a press release today, over the coming months VIBE Cybersecurity will offer a unique end-to-end encryption technology integrated in Nextcloud as an additional security option for enterprises.

From the press release:

VIBE Cybersecurity’s cryptosystem, patented as Verifiable Identity-Based Encryption (VIBE), substantially improves upon the IBE standard, rendering this market-proven protocol ideal for today’s digital world. VIBE is certificateless, and delivers the added value of authenticating at the application layer. Packaged as Crypto-as-a-Service, it is very easy to deploy and use, does not require sophisticated technical or security skills for system administrators, and also provides immense logistical value as a vehicle to deliver flexible, seamless key deployment and key management infrastructures.

The Nextcloud VIBE offer will begin with Windows, followed by the other major OS, with a rich set of additional capabilities, features and client support scheduled for introduction throughout 2021. If you want to learn more about this offer from VIBE, contact them on their website.

will it be Open Source?


How is it being work in Nextcloud?
Is there any additional configuration on client-side devices?

To be honest I am scared.

VIBE’s web site has the typical corporate appearance and corporate language that puts me off and that originally made me run towards the open source world.

If it is not fully open source, then I will give up on the long awaited fully working e2ee sync and share, and fall back on my previous setup: any crappy corporate cloud with Cryptomator and gocryptfs / cppcryptfs

Why scared? You are free to choose what you want to use. I guess this is mainly for corporate use.

You’re right, my explanation is a bit odd. Actually I am scared that Nextcloud developers (hub and desktop) give up on developing an effective and open-source e2ee, and leave it to a company that I don’t like and that will produce proprietary code. I am scared to go back to walking in the desert in search of an oasis, which I have recently been thinking I had found with Nextcloud.

Note: I don’t say I don’t like VIBE, I don’t know them. I just say the way they introduce themselves looks like the way many companies that I don’t like do. Hence the “scared”