Nextcloud and SQLite

I’ve seen some posts regarding Nextcloud and SQLite and almost all discourage the use of the latter for database backend.
Using Nextcloud 13, SQLite on an Olinuxino (basically, a Raspberry PI B equivalent).
Around 20g of data, 3 users, infrequent use. Performance is just fine. Client is working perfectly.
Went with SQLite cause I only had 512MB of memory on Olinuxino and did not want to launch a MySQL instance.

If they are not uploading at the same time, there are few files in general, sqlite can be enough (especially if you have very little RAM). It is difficult to give a general rule, in doubt you have to test and see if it works for you (like you did).

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Hi @pmik76,

I’d like to switch to SQLite for my Nextcloud implementation. I am the sole user of my Nextcloud instance, so I am not concerned about what most folks are when it comes to SQLite.

Is there an online guide to using SQLite with Nextcloud? Are there any pointers you would offer?

PS: I’m reviving an old thread, which I know some folks frown upon. If my replying to this thread makes anyone unhappy, let me know and I’ll start a brand new thread on this topic.

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