Nextcloud and resources on a small VPS

I currently have a 1GB (RAM) Linode. I use it to run FusionInvoice and SuiteCRM for about 5 users (my small business).

I do photography, and need a good way to make an online gallery for customers that have purchased images.

NextCloud is perfect for this, because I add my own branding and the ability to make galleries expire and password protect them is just what I need.

My issue is: I would like to run Nextcloud alongside my existing web services (both Apache). Should this be a problem? Would I need to upgrade that VPS?

I expect a maximum of 15 simultaneous users on the Nextcloud with 2 users on the other services.

The generation of thumbnails takes quite some resources. Once they are created, it’s less. 1 GB RAM is not very much, 15 simultaneous users, that could be tricky. If you earn money with it, it shouldn’t be a problem to spend ~10$/month for 4 GB RAM, or even a bit more.

In doubt, make some tests, it depends on usage and the configuration.