Nextcloud and privacy idea


we want to use nextcloud with privacy idea.
We saw a nice video from kornelius which shows us that nextcloud has an app for privacy idea.
But when we install nextcloud 11 or 10 we don’t see the privacyidea app, so we cannot install it.

Can you help us?
is there a special version form nextcloud which can use privacyidea?

Best regards,
Ben Tuinman

I hadn’t heard of Privacy Idea before, and a quick search for “privacy idea nextcloud app” didn’t turn anything up for me, so I’d try actually asking the Privacy Idea folks. They may have created an app for Nextcloud without listing it on the Nextcloud App Store.

Hi Ben,
@bugsbane is right. The privacyIDEA is just not in the Nextcloud App Store. So at the moment you need to get it from the github repo and copy it to your apps directory.

Please note: At the moment it will only work well for 10 registered tokens.
Kind regards

Hello Cornlelius,

I saw in the video you get it working on nextcloud, but when i look the only version is voor owncloud >= 9.1
How did you get it working on nextcloud?

can you tell me?

best regards,

You know that owncloud 9.1 == nextcloud 10?
So you can simply copy the app into your apps folder.
Are you familiar with Linux systems?

ok i have Nextcloud 10.0.4 installed and 2Fa privacyidea is shown in the apps.
when i enable it, and go to the manage i don’t see where i can put in the server url for the privacyidea server.

any ideas?