Nextcloud and ownCloud running on the same server

I have at the moment ownCloud 9.1.8 running on a Ubuntu server (16.04) and would like to know if I can install Nextcloud 13 and have them running both at the same time? Is it easy to do?

Thanks for you help!!!

@_edwin It should be an easy task to install both on the same server, as long as you’re separating the directories/configurations and use different databases for the data. I’ve done this several times in the past without having any problem.

Oh great then!!! I was planning to migrate but first I wanted to do some tests. Thanks

As far as I understand, my ownCloud runs on mysql. But when I will install Nextcloud, it will install mariaDB. Can mariaDB and mysql run at the same time???

ownCloud and Nextcloud both run on MySQL and MariaDB, as both databases still share the same API.

Thus you only need to install one database title. Just be sure that ownCloud and Nextcloud use a different database name inside.

How do you install Nextcloud, that it wants to install MariaDB as well?

Besides, MariaDB is the real open source more active, faster developing database, thus there are arguments to go with it instead of Oracles MySQL :wink:.