Nextcloud and OnlyOffice

I’m hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. I’ve got a Nextcloud instance running in Docker on a Mac. I had installed OnlyOffice and the Community Document Server via the App store and thought it worked well…except it didn’t really. The interface loaded in a browser and I could edit a document but when I accessed that document via the File Browser on a different device, the edits weren’t there. I saw others having problems with OnlyOffice saving but I’m not sure if the problem is my setup or not. I’m VERY new to Nextcloud and Docker both but I’ve been super happy with it up until now. I’m trying Collabra and while the edits definitely save, the interface is SLOW and not nearly as good as OnlyOffice.
Any ideas on how I can fix OnlyOffice?

It is saving to the file after a while. It just takes a long time to do so.

I would expect it to do it on every cron run, and there seems to be a work around to force a specific cron run regularly. But on my system that runs a webcron at a 30 minutes interval it sometimes takes almost a day before changes are saved back to the file. Very annoying bug and the devs seem to have trouble replicating/fixing it.

Annoying is an understatement. I’ll have to do some testing but I don’t know for sure that my file ever updated.

Please note that the official Docker does not have a build in cron and you need to setup your own.

If you’re using the onlyoffice server app then one option is to instead build and use your own server using the open source code. It’s a bit of work to set it up, but there are many helpful blogs that likely have what you need for your system - so probably not too hard. I personally do not lose data when I use the onlyoffice server I installed on an ubuntu machine - it’s lighting fast to update the actual file on my nextcloud instance. Good luck.

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Thanks. I was looking into setting up a docket instance of the document server but honestly it wasn’t clear to me how to get that working correctly with the necessary ports etc and I didn’t find anyone talking about setting it up in docker who wasn’t using the full Nextcloud/onlyoffice docker that is already set up by OnlyOffice. I don’t want to use that because I already have a working instance of Nextcloud and I’d have to start from scratch to get that all working.

That could be the problem then. I might have to look into that.