Nextcloud and OnlyOffice on a pi


I’ve been running Nextcloud on my raspberry pi 3 b+ for over a year now and I love it. I’m running Nextcloud version 18.0.5 and everything is working fine.

My question is has anyone attempted to install OnlyOffice on the same installation? If so, how?

I’m looking to get away from Microsoft Office and this looks like a good fit.

Thanks in advance.

afaik it’s not possible to run OO on an arm-device, so far.

Look how far I came here.
Regarding the installation of OO, I just used the app administration gui to add documentserver and OO …



Thanks for the info. Looks good. I really hope that OO gets a arm64 build so this could happen less painfully. The pi has been my goto home server for years and I love it.