Nextcloud and Onlyoffice - Issue with anonymous editing


I have installed Onlyoffice on Nextcloud platform. Document functionality works fine, but we have some issues with the anonymous editing. If logged in user edits the file, then i can see who has done the changes. But i can also give shareable links to others which are not registered in our Nextcloud platform. In this case the persona appears as Anonymous when editing the file. Now that 5 anonymous personas are editing document it is hard to track changes and keep track of who did what. I want “not-registered” users to be able to edit the document. In our case, registered users are from our organisation, but non-registered ones are outside our organization. So if we want to share one document with multiple clients for editing, all our clients are marked as anonymous. In that case, i don’t know if client Y or client X did the updates/edits. Because our organization requires paperwork to be done in order to register user in our system, simple solution for me is just ask nickname before editing. + We don’t want to give out accounts to random people so they are able to use our cloud storage :slight_smile:

I contacted the Onlyoffice team already, they told that i should ask for help in Nextcloud community. Maybe there are some solutions for this

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Hi there
Did you get this resolved? IM trying to figure out a way through the anonymous thing too… just wondered!


Unfortunately, there is still no solution. This greatly devalues the possibility of collaboration defended by OnlyOffice and Nextcloud!

But I think the solution should come from OnlyOffice, which should develop a “rename” feature for users collaborating across platforms like Nextcloud.

It doesn’t matter if the collaborators are anonymous or not, they should be able to change their name, if the document administrator gives them permission to do so.

Apparently, this will be implemented in 6.3 ONLYOFFICE Docs roadmap - online office