Nextcloud and keepass - managing database sync

I figured it was more related to desktop client than anything else.

For those that use keepass and nextcloud, and ideally have a number of places where the DB is used…what is your workflow?

I used to have keepass on windows connected via webdav connection and would use sync with webdav to keep those two machines in sync. The only thing I didn’t like, was if for some reason nextcloud was down then I’d have no password database.

So I then switched to opening the database file downloaded via the nextcloud desktop client. But I find if I make a change on one copy and use the keepass synchronise function to the file, I seem to get conflicts one of the clients.

I also have keepassium on ios, but I tend to keep a DB that’s a number of version behind, and update as needed.

Does anyone have a good workflow that a, allows for the DB to be opened if my nextcloud server is down, and b, doesn’t get conflicts

I guess I could go for a webdav connection for 97% of the time where everything is fine, and on the 3% where my host has decided to be a pain, open the desktop sync’d version.

I’m running two machines against different copies of the Keepass file and occasionally synchronize them without issues for some time…

I add additional safety using Keepass DB backup plugin and configure it to backup the DB to a sub-directory each time it is saved… My Keepass DB is really little so it doesn’t hurt to keep lot of copies…

You use the nextcloud desktop client to get it back to nextcloud rather than webdav?

I think I’ve gone back to my later idea, webdav as connection with the two main windows machines. With a backup via Desktop sync (in case I need an offline copy).