NextCloud and Guacamole

This is perhaps a Dumbass question, I’m not a Linux nor networking expert.

I have 2 x domains which are forwarded to my broadband IP using duckdns + cname and a script as my 80/20 Mbit BB has no static option.
I have an Apache/Ubuntu installation with 2 Apache virtual hosts, and have each configured to respond to those URL’s, no problem so far.

Both Apache virtual hosts have SSL encryption via letsencrypt.

I deployed guacamole with docker to get a quick look at it, it was fine and did what I needed.

But ultimately, I would like to have both NextCloud and Guacamole available via the two URL’s, but same IP and only using tcp 443 or 80 so as to connect via a corporate proxy server when “out and about”

Can anyone give me some idea how I can, if possible make this work?

Thanks for your help/thoughts.