Nextcloud and Foldersync


I’m trying to sync my Android Device over WebDAV and Foldersync with my Nextcloud.
But every time I just get a “stream closed” error and nothing gets synced.
Dies anyone else use the app or has an idea on how to fix this?

Thank you!

I’ve done this, though it was a while ago I set the accounts up - I remember there being problems, but can’t really remember the symptoms.

The current settings have been working fine, and are set up as owncloud rather than webdav (at least the icon implies this, the account still says it’s webdav). You could give that a try.

I am using foldersync as well without problems, my settings are like this:

I also use solid explorer with same settings and works as well. What nextcloud version are you on? I remember having some issues on 13.0.2 or so