Nextcloud and FileRun

Forget integration as we get it in apps. Too hard to get it to work. Nextcloud is not for expert. When we see how FileRun works we dream Nextcloud do the same one day.

Arguably Nextcloud could take some cues from FileRun:

I particularly like the persistent folder tree and the single/double/right click behaviour - ping @jan.

However to suggest NC is not for experts (by that I take it to mean professionals) does a disservice to the NC team and the numerous enterprise customers who both use and contribute back to make NC better. You could well do the same.

FR is also closed source and requires ioncube to decrypt the files, which is hardly as nice as having full access to the whole environment for both security and usability reasons.

But use what you wish, I’m positive each solution has its own pros and cons.

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A very good feature we find in FR is open and edit some kind of files without installing nothing. Who wouldn’t love the same in NC? The secret is keep it simple.

I think all who loves NC must help. I only can contribute translating it to feel NC as my own home.

Such as…? We can do PDF, image, text files with NC natively. Once upon a time some office files too but the app supporting that went basically EOL

raw files rc2 ???