NextCloud and Collabora on two different servers ONE public IP

In my home situation I have Nextcloud running on a Raspberry Pi3 and I managed to install Collabora CODE on a 64 bit atom n570 device (it ain’t much but it is for testing and learning purposes)

Now I only have on IP address and have port forwarding enabled on my router to the nextcloud pi. (multiple virtual hosts there on webmin/virtualmin, DNS managed on Cloudflare)
The n570 with collabora is running on

Now do I put the sample vhosts file as in on a vhost on pi with ip instead of the Whatever I do, I get access denied. On ip

Or do I need a reverse proxy running between the router forwarding the correct traffic to the right IP

Any ideas on how to do it?

You might wanna follow here:

You are in the good way to get it working. Install the reverse proxy on the pi and change the to your docker host’s ip
the key is running the container with the right port binded to get it listening to the lan instead of localhost:
(In the given docker run cmd in the tutorial, the docker port is binded to localhost.)
Use 9980:9980 instead of when run the docker image.

@aalaesar, thanks that helped indeed. Now when I click a document Collabora opens indeed.
However when opening a file like “filename.odt”, it ends up in an endless spinning wheel and then “Well, this is embarrassing, we cannot connect to your document. Please try again.” and “Service not available…” And these messages keep coming…

The bottom Collabora bar says “no users”. Can’t tell if that is related…

Hello @pieter,
sry i’m not very familiar with this error using Apache2 :confused:
There’s a lot of people througth the forum with the same error. I recommend you to search inside, you may find a solution.
First i suggest you to check your docker logs with docker logs <your docker id>.

Did you checked your docker installation is properly setup?
That is one of the most common errors that gives that error.

@aaleaser @Ark74, the logs gave met the clue. i found this Collabora Docker capabilities problem from @Guz (same as @Ark74?)

That did the trick.

Thank you guys…

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