Nextcloud and Collabora Bring Online Office To Everybody

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Thanks to a partnership of Nextcloud with Collabora there is now a great solution for self hosting Online Office for everybody! Nextcloud, being a strongly community-focused project, worked with Collabora to provide a easy to use Online Office solution for the first time for home users, easily integrated in Nextcloud. At the same time, we announce availability of offerings for our enterprise customers, who get access to a secure, easy to use and well integrated Online Office solution in their Nextcloud installation.

Collaboration benefits all

"Working with Collabora and the LibreOffice community enables us to provide a great solution for our enterprise customers", said Frank Karlitschek, Managing Director, Nextcloud. "We're proud to partner with Collabora the creators of LibreOffice Online to enable our community and customers to run their own Online Office suite."

Bringing an integrated open source document suite into Nextcloud with support for important file formats users need to work with every day has been a key goal for us since we started our project. As we care about all our users including contributors, home users and small and large enterprises, we wanted to make sure there was a solution for a wide range of use cases.

Free, up to date and easy to use

"Nextcloud is a community focused project", noted Michael Meeks, General Manager, Collabora Productivity. "making a secure and up to date solution for online document editing available to everybody was a key concern for their community and we're proud to have been able to deliver that together with Nextcloud"

The result of our cooperation with Collabora is that, from now on, Nextcloud users have access to a free, easy to use and regularly updated LibreOffice Online docker image which you can find here. The Online Office feature provided by this docker image is easy to integrate in Nextcloud following the instructions on this page. Collabora and Nextcloud are committed to providing regular updates of this image so users, benefiting from the easy upgrade process available in docker, have an up to date Online Office!

Scalable, secure and enterprise ready

At the same time, enterprise customers can now purchase support contracts for a scalable and more secure solution from Collabora and Nextcloud. Our in depth expertise and security knowledge will ensure reliable deployments even in the most demanding circumstances.

Collaborative Capabilities

Collabora Online integrates in Nextcloud, providing users with the ability to share a document with multiple users who can see changes in real time, avoiding conflicts or versioning issues. Build in secure chat and WebRTC video conferencing in Nextcloud complement the experience, allowing a new level of collaboration and productivity.

You can get the docker images from the Collabora website and follow our documentation to integrate it into your Nextcloud. Share your feedback so we can work together to make this an even better product! If you’d like to discuss these things in person, meet us and the Collabora developers at the Nextcloud Conference, sept 16-22 in Berlin.

Customers are invited to explore the capabilities of Nextcloud and contact us for a quote.


Good job on getting Collabora to offer a proper home version and not only a dev Docker.

What is CODE? vs. Collabora Online?

CODE contains the latest developments and is perfect for home users that want to start to run their own online Office Suite. If you are looking for a scalable, commercially supported version with Long Term Support, signed security updates and a SLA, your best bet is to check out our Collabora Online page.


Really great news!!! Thanks Nextcloud for the amazing job.


Looks great, much appreciated! Are there any plans to ship CODE/Nextcloud sans Docker? I ask because using OpenVZ (or old kernels) often renders Docker unusable. It would be great if you could bring the platform to those users as well.


No plans at the moment, in no small part because docker is relatively easy to built and maintain and nobody wants to do packaging.

But I think at some point the distributions will start to package it.

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Even though docker might be the easier solution for most people, I’d apreciate it if you could provide (not distribution specifc) source packages along with an explanation on how to set all required services up manually.

I’m anxious to try the Collabora online office integrated in my owncloud setup (which will be migrated to Nextcloud shortly) but having to set up docker simply does not fit into my current setup. Besides that, I rather install software myself and configure the components manually to get a solid understanding of how they work together and what is necessary to make them work.


Yes, please provide a Docker-free solution. It was the most logical choice for home users but unfortunately it is not exploitable for everybody, I myself can’t run Docker as I have a 32bit hardware.

If instructions on how to setup a Collabora server to get it runing with Nextcloud app would be provided, would be awesome, because restraining such a feature with such a big requirement isn’t, I believe, the best way to go.

Thank you.


Another vote for a Docker-free integration option. Even if it takes more work to install and configure, I’d much rather deal with a traditional installation.


Would be awesome when it is possible to install Collabora without docker. I use an Vserver with Openvz. It’s not possible to install docker on it.

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Another vote for a docker-free version. It looks like so obscur with this easy docker…
I’d rather follow a tutorial who explain how to get the last source, how to compile and how to configure it with nextcloud/owncloud.
For example for there is some help how to make it work.
My perferct nextcloud for me is
- nextcloud
- calendar/contacts
- with historic of conversations
- collabora online


Thanks very much. After a little try-and-error I have it now running. Great! Not all openDocuments can be opend but for this state of the projekt its real great.

Great news and the screenshots look very nice. But freedom is always the freedom of the one who thinks differently. What about the BSDs and the other Unixes like OpenIndiana? We use FreeBSD and Jails and have no need for Docker…


@nti The best thing to do regarding FreeBSD is to try and find like-minded people to build a port. Maybe via the FreeBSD forums and mailing list, just like what happened with Gitlab recently.

@oparoz - But how without the code?

Everything is here:;a=summary

Is the Dockerfile publicly available somewhere ?

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I use in this moment 4 Synology servers and I want to use allso Collaborate, but I have the problem, that installation from the Docker is no problem, but to install the rest for a running system until now was not possible.

Doe you have a guideline?

Has anyone got to the bottom of the 30 second loading time issue yet?

Any plans when a dockerless version of collabora will be available which does not require a docker host?