Nextcloud and Collabora bring deeper integration to document collaboration

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Collabora Online integration in Nextcloud allows users to easily and quickly edit office documents like DOCX or PPTX files in their browser, alone or together with others. To improve the integration further, Nextcloud and Collabora Productivity have been working together to integrate the Nextcloud Files sidebar in Collabora and allow images to be easily inserted from Nextcloud. This gives users access to the sharing settings, comments, earlier file versions and the file activity overview.

You can now insert images directly from your Nextcloud.
See avatars of other editors
Use the sharing sidebar
View and reply to comments
You can of course click any avatar to start a chat or sent an email

Many of our customers work with partners across organizational borders. Starting a public chat and sharing a open document in it for all participants to join, whether they have a Nextcloud account or have joined the conversation as public guest, is now a breeze. With deeper integration of such communication and collaboration features, Nextcloud continues to make it easier to get work done.

Michael Meeks, General Manager, Collabora Productivity:

These great improvements, and the tighter integration with Collabora Online provides productivity and efficiency benefits for our mutual customers We look forward to building further on our strong partnership.

Frank Karlitschek, CEO of Nextcloud GmbH:

We see daily at customers that being able to seamlessly communicate and get work done on one platform is key to the productivity of modern, interdisciplinary teams. Nextcloud and Collabora deliver on that in an unprecedented way.

The changes are available right now in the app that can be downloaded from the Nextcloud app store in combination with the latest release of Collabora Online. Further work is planned which will be reflected in releases later this year.

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Hi community,

Imho, what is sad on this… to be the Collabora only a Connector inside of the/a “Libreoffice-server” amd make this a bit more less secure because it goes over the net… this had i not want where i told, we need a Libreoffice inside of the cloud a fully app who have no dependencies except the nextcloud … This officeapplication stay not fully behind the nextcloud and on the Computer of the Owner, it is Connected and therewith on an foreigner Server out of the home-network. Like Gdrive and other services …

there was voices “but Collabora can make that and some commerz can support us and later becomes the nextcloud for free support from them”

and therewith b…s…, why, your’re Documents and writings be not fully behind your Loginwall, and therewith not fully in your account… okey, ssl tsl, how ever … but it is anyway not fully in your account , on your server… … we need a /apps/libreoffice where work fully independent in the Nextcloud and Owncloud and not something like this… this is maybe something for Factorys … but not really for The Own Owned Nextcloud/OwnCloud users at home as solution …
and really inside of the Nextcloud but not outside.

We need a Libreoffice inside of the Cloud. Independently .
as fully stand alone app in the Cloud at home on own hardware.

and i want not come with the DSGVO / englisch: General Data Protection Regulation… and supporting something with apps inside of the Cloud at home …

best regards
to the community

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Collabora Online has to be hosted on your server as a separate app that will be used via the connector. But it is still on your server and your data will not be sent to 3rd parties.

I’m curious about Collabora as a companion for Nextcloud Notes.

Can Collabora access my /Notes directory + comments that are stored in Nextcloud?

all fine
great job

ja clear, it works not if i add not a serverurl as admin, i have a white page on clicking a document by not configuration an url as admin … this app crapp is kicked out of my server …

and a separate app… kick it in the trash…

“… Cloud application to integrate Collabora Online”
this integrate a online application !!! SO, it is a CONNECTOR!!!

it have to be a one-app to be for the “store/marketplace” download and install and not a sextra special ultimate dribbleparts where is distributed System bullshit…
“but be only 2 parts” and, anyway it is more complicate to install as an normal app … it is more for learned Administrators where have more knoff hoff about and have learned by schooling … this soluthon it is something for Factorys and not for homeusers …
This Libreoffice start for owncloud was directly this what it should be a app where it is installable and working fine in …cloud as single App.
This …cloud-app should further developing and not some collabora crap… in my opinion…

best regards

You are -really- missing the point here and have clearly no freaking idea what it takes to create a document editor (App). You can choose any “editor” app in the Nextcloud store you like, but for full feature document editing, say for editing OOXML (DOCX etc), ODF (ODT etc) documents you -really- need a huge framework which is delivered into Nextcloud by either using LibreOffice Online (LOOL) or by using OnlyOffice. Both are a separate ‘instance’, which you run in a way you like; chose a separate (virtual) server, a docker container, etc. Could be even hosted if you like (but yes in that case you doc is opened over the wire, tough be over SSL so secured; the online hosting solution would most probably not be for free). Both solutions need a “connector” App so NextCloud (or Owncloud if you like, which is kind of the same code base) knows what to do when you click such a document. It is FAR from fair to bash Collabora for the way the editor is integrated into NextCloud as they have done a wonderfull job getting LOOL where it is today, it would most probably not exist. They also provide a docker container with their hardened (Enterprise) version of LOOL named COOL (Collabora Online) which you can use -for free- downloading their latest development edition named CODE. This is perfect for home use. If you can not or are not willing to invest time and/or money in setting this up at home you really should look for an hosted Nextcloud+COOL solution!

The reason a full featured editor in not “just” an app is that it would takes -years- to develop such and has huge downsides as in code duplication, testing, etc. Would basically cost a lot of money, so may not even be for free… The nice thing (the secret why it can do what is does) of the LOOL (COOL) editor is it leverages the LibreOffice “engine” so “only just” a new interface has to be created on top. Document rendering is exactly the same and features can be exposed in the web UI when relevant.

So, unless you create one yourselves, I do not think a full-fledged-editor-App will be delivered anytime soon. The point of Nextcloud is deliverig a document collaboration framework. On top you can install Apps to add functionality, one of such is choise in editors which could be even Microsoft Office Online. Tough Nextcloud and LOOL (COOL/CODE) are for free to use at home they make money with enterprise subscriptions so they are able to further develop these solution… please have some respect for them!


I would love to try it, but unfortunately using it without docker seems to be tricky. I would love to have a working version that i can install easily on a vps or container.

Here is a link to the current Nextcloud Rich Documents app, which is built on top of LibreOffice and forked from Owncloud project you linked previously.

bubb, an one App-application for opening and writing document,
it is ever a world view on it how should it be and how much assigned work is in it,
only in collabora is work for factory’s and not for Private peoples who want
have a one app solution and not a connector solution who be in able for facility’s
in different Lands … this is, why i not bash on it ! I say my opinion and show it’s not for private people, and Next/ownCloud should be for Private Peoples and not for Factorys like “Cloud” or GoogleDrive or Webclouds in commercial view or something who it need to have trained administrators…
it should work for the peoples at home, where have help in the past to distribute the Software before the Cake :wink: … in the face … for Peoples who want Just a Cloud at home. Therewith be the Programmer shooting over the target … because they were driven … and this for factory’s … because also make money (mo money and more…) … but this is my opinion and woldview and i have it pointed out …You may demonize it and find it evil because your religion is different, but why is build up the OwnCloud, the First Cloud! FOR THE PEOPLES AT HOME, FOR THE PRIVATE PEOPLES ! And commerce is not every good … This is why exist the Open Source ! As have give troubles between the Programmer Peoples and the German Frank have Build up an Nextcloud. this is the way… (what the reasons behind the troubles is an other reasons behind, it’s an other) but the reason is, this there developed software of Owncloud and Nectcloud should at first for the Private peoples then for Commerce to have money to have further possibility’s… you should not go/give you’re self into the bed of the commerz yourself

… how ever …
And yes, the LOOL should developing further, with the possible maybe to use the installed Libreoffice for providing to give over the webpage the application to the user, this is more easy as some application who be more complicate … guess i …

So, I have said my opinion and pointed out …

best regards

Hi Blacky,

for me as a private person something powerful as Collabora seems to be
isn’t needed. For me as a private person it is enough to have one of
the Note-apps. And if there would be the need to share a document with
some other people I would send it by email or share it by Nextcloud.

So why you need to have something like Collabora as an app? Maybe we
find a solution with existing tools.

OpenSource is somehow social but it isn’t charitable at all. There are
developers who have fun in coding and in mastering any challenges - and
maybe making people happy by offering good working software tools.
OpenSource isn’t a church which has always hoist the charity flag. You
cannot call for this.
And if developers have done such a great work like we have it with
Nextcloud and all the existing apps and if they give it for free to
private users on one side and on the other side take money for their
work on special solutions for special problems of enterprises who have
budgets for this I totally agree. As much as those enterprises pay as
much can I be save that the project will not die in case of financial

Kind regards
The German Frank :wink:

i have meant the Founder of Nextcloud.
but thank you for the kindly reply :slight_smile:

So why you need to have something like Collabora as an app? Maybe we
find a solution with existing tools.

exactly ! This is why i had say, be better to have LOOL , so “libre office online” .
Something like that Collabora it is need in Factory’s and not in a Private Cloud,
this is why i have it complained against and have my frustration about it left out.
And it is very good, if exactly such feedbacks come then,
thank you Frank

best regards

If you are a home user you do not need the Collabora as you do not have anyone to cooperate with on a manuscript.
Use Notes or Ownpad if you want to edit textfiles in NC, or use LIbre office, MS Word or whatever outside NC if you want more complicated stuff.


For your info, our domain had change effective on October 2018 for to therefore my email had change to

Please update the details and info on your system.

Thank you and regards,

KL Sit

Co-Founder & ICT Consultant

I read people writing it is not for “home people”… I totally disagree… looking at my situation. Family, mum, dad, daughter, son (and a dog). We all have access to our hallway closet based Nextcloud server with all fun apps you can think of… we share our calendars, contacts and even work together on school essays for the kids. Thanks to collabora we can do that. Simple whatsapp message; "dad can you fix this typo please, I am in Math class now and I need to turn it in this afternoon… simple thingy and we can help eachother out…
And also even when working on my own documents, allone, I can work on these anywhere, anytime and everywhere without having to download it to someone else’s computer… So even when you are the only one, your private cloud is still of use. Only thing needed… internet…

I run this on an UP board, debian/webmin/virtualmin platform that manages my “hosting”, Nextcloud most recent versions and Collabora (no docker). All on a secured connection to the outside world.

And if you are capable of setting up your own private self hosted Nextcloud you certainly are capable of setting up a Collabora instance next to it… And yes you need to put in some effort. There is loads of good information and “howtoos” in this community forum.

There is no need fro frustration. There is no thing as “out of the box”. Just enjoy the new things learned.

Did I already write about the new features and changes… I love it I can now insert images from the nextcloud folders… awesome! Thanks!


not text documents, odt and ods and other libre office formats in the cloud …

FYI (and off topic) odt and ods are Open Document Format, ODF, the
international ISO-standard for office documents, managed by the
independent OASIS-consortium.

Cheers - Cor

“not text documents, odt and ods and other libre office formats in the cloud …”

I’m not sure what you want to say here…

Hi Blacky,

Collabora is as much for home use as Nextcloud is. Both are open source and for free. I think you miss the point that Collabora Office Online (COOL/CODE) is actually just the exact same as LibreOffice Online (LOOL), it is just a name for the same solution… Sure Collabora is a commercial company too, as they have developers that need food and have a house and kids… that is exactly the same as Nextcloud developers. So both deliver FOSS and for those who need provide subscriptions to the software. For home and (small) companies you cannot afford or do not want to pay subscriptions can use the software for free. That’s the point of open source. You cannot compare Collabora with Owncloud vs Nextcloud as that is a real different thing.

SO if you do not need rich docu editing use one of my or suggestions that other people made. You can just a s well use in place document editing leveraging Libre- or Microsoft Office.

App’s in general are a hard thing since there is still not a full fledged LibreOffce App on Android and there is nothing at all for IOS. To get around this LibreOffice Online is developed as an alternative for those platforms. You just only need a browser which makes it work basically on any device. As your document with LOOL stays in your own datacenter (well, your basement or closet at home) there is no need for up-/downloading the document when viewing or editing it. So it has even some advantages, including the option for co-editing. The most important advantage is development speed. They (mostly Collabora) are adding a lot of nex features to LOOL in every release and now work with Nextcloud to get even some real suable stuff added like sharing while working on you document and adding pictures directly from nextcloud.


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