Nextcloud Alternate User/Client


I got Nextcloud working (USB 3 SSD, Raspberry Pi 4) and can connect to it from my PC however it connects via the Admin account and ideally, I want it to connect using a different account I have created.

This is, I presume, a client issue (I’m on Windows 11 Pro using the 64bit Nextcloud client) but nowhere did I see the means of connecting using anything other than the main Admin account. I’d like to offer this service to other family members but clearly, I want to keep those accounts separate from each other.

Has anyone got any idea how I can do this?


Every user has got own user credentials. Same server url but different username and password. But i do not know if Nextcloud client can differ then on same pc.

Hi Devnull,

On my Win 10 laptop the client install ran perfectly but not on my Win 11 desktop. I uninstalled Nextcloud client but when I reinstalled the latest client it still came up logged in as the admin account.

Again I uninstalled, deleting all Nextcloud files, registry entries, stuff in %AppData% and anything Nextcloud related in my browser I was able to install as the user rather than admin. I think it was mainly to do with cached credentials in my browser. As I configured the Nextcloud server, I browsed to it from my PC (Admin account) and my browser naturally cached all my credentials so I guess they were the main issue but hey ho … sorted!

On to the next problem, port forwarding :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: