Nextcloud All-in-One Restore Challenge: Version Mismatch in Docker Containers Leading to Reset Loop

I’ve been running Nextcloud All-in-One (AIO) for the past year.
Recently, I needed to reset the entire server, so I backed up all the files from my disk, including Docker files and user data.
Now, I want to restore it, but I’m facing some issues.
Since I was using the latest version of the All-in-One Docker master container, when I restored volumes, user files, and created a new app with the same app template, some of the Nextcloud containers are stuck in a reset loop.

The issue is likely due to a mismatch in the master container version (latest version vs. the one from 2-4 months ago). I’m trying to find the version tag that has been used. I searched in config.v2.json, there is image digest, but I cannot find it “sha256:8ca6fd524a0859a76fcac88c8e9db5314d1e5543cec97dfc34404848efe8668d” in the registry. I also have access to the logs of the master container (file …-json.log), but there is no information about the used version.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, can you post the container logs of the looping container here?