Nextcloud AIO server (Ubuntu 22.04) has very slow download speeds for the end-user.

After a lot of testing it seems like for whatever reason, when downloading a file (or uploading) via my nextcloud server through a browser or using the nextcloud app, it’s super slow. A fraction of the speed it should be. Average speed is 1Mbps for me, for example. I have gigabit internet.

But, if this same file is downloaded through a server via command line, it’s fast.

I have performed Iperf and Speedtest CLI tests on numerous servers from around the globe, and they all consistently show a fast bandwidth to the server. There were also tests to download a file via the terminal using several random servers, and it was also fast. But if I try downloading a file via any web browser, or uploading a file via nextcloud’s app, it’s incredibly slow.

Other users have complained about the same problem with our server from around the globe, with completely different ISPs and computer configurations.

I have been unable to find any answer to this problem through google searches.

My assumption is it’s something very simple, but I’m not well versed in diagnosing this sort of problem.

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Please post your Nextcloud config and:

  • what version of Nextcloud Server
  • what, if anything, like a reverse proxy or Cloudflare, may be in front of your Nextcloud Server

Nextcloud AIO version 8.0.0 is what I have installed. Nextcloud 28.0.3 is what it also says in the administration information.

Update: No, there is no reverse proxy nor Cloudflare from the host I am using.

Update: I found out that my website downloads extremely slow on Brave Browser; On Firefox, it downloads reasonably fast.

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I am able to replicate this on my laptop as well - on Brave Browser, download speeds are very slow (1-2 mbps), while on Firefox, they are many times faster. Running Nextcloud Hub 8 (29.0.3) AIO.