Nextcloud AIO on Podman?

Hi all. I’m currently running Nextcloud AIO on Docker on my Ubuntu server but am testing a possible migration to OpenSUSE and Podman. I have tried installing AIO via Podman but get the “Slim Application Error” on firs login which seems to be a common issue.

Does anyone know of any plans for a Podman version of Nextcloud AIO, or has anyone got a reliable recipe for running Nextcloud on Podman, including all the clever stuff AIO does to enable remote SSH access?

Thanks in advance,

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Please use the search function there are some topics related to podman e.g.

In general NC on podman should run in more or less same way as on Docker… but I don’t think it’s easy to switch highly integrated and customized AiO setup from docker to podman…

Hi, you can run AIO with docker rootless: all-in-one/ at main · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

Thanks. I’m not sure the Docker rootless works with Podman - I couldn’t work it out. Looks like I’ll stick with Docker or go down the VM route if I need to.