Nextcloud AIO Migration: Install older version?

Good point. Can you open a pull request to adjust this in the documentation?

Added a hint to I’m not sure if i have done it right. Sorry, never used github before.

You forgot to create the PR itself but I found it and opened the PR for you :slight_smile: Update by szaimen · Pull Request #2824 · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

Hi there,
i have the same problem, only that I am on 25.0.10.

How do I find the correct tag on docker hub? is there a systematic to it?
Thanks for any hints

There is no AIO version available with 25.0.10

So whats the besteht migration path?

Upgrade to 26 and 27.0.2 first and then migrate to AIO

OK then I will have to upgrade PHP Main version, which I was trying to avoid

I just prepared everything to do the migration via 27.1.1 which resembled beta 7.3.0.

I modified the database and everything and just wanted to switch to the beta channel, just to find out that you just pushed 7.4.0 which includes 27.1.2. an hour ago :smiley:

Do I now need to fire up my old instance again to upgrade that to 27.1.2 and then redo all the preparation steps or is there a way to get the old beta? There don’t seem to be any old beta tags on docker hub …

Unfortunately you had bad luck. There is no tag that still holds 27.1.1 now that the beta tag was overwritten. Usually if there would have been a stable release with 27.1.1 there would have been an additonal tag that could have been used but this is not the case with this specific one.

I see, thanks for the reply.
I already started to redo the process, but I can’t seem to get the beta AIO up and running.
Starting the containers fails for Apache, Nextcloud and Notify-Push.

I’ll redo again and start from scratch to make sure there are no old remains interfering.


I need to migrate the nextcloud from 25.0.13 version. Can you please share nextcoud AIO tag version for migrate…