Nextcloud AIO - Domain problem

Hey all,

I would like your help in a Nextcloud server setup!

  • I have a Windows 10 machine (connected via Wi-Fi), docker desktop and Nextcloud AIO running in the container ( based on this guide: Your Guide to the Nextcloud All-in-One on Windows 10 & 11! - Nextcloud )

  • I created a domain in Duckdns and the updater is running on the server (duckdsn java updater)

  • Xiaomi Router AX3200, ports open: 80 TCP, 443 TCP

  • Static IP set and the server machine added in DHCP Static IP Assignment in the router (if this matters)

Nextcloud runs successfully, but when I open my domain, I can’t access the machine, I get “connection timed out”. I checked the ports in “” and 80,443 are closed for some reason are?!

I’ve attached pictures of the whole thing (sorry I did it with a phone, but I’m writing from a third machine now).

I don’t know if I should open other ports or enable something on the Windows firewall, is there something in docker or duckdns or could there be another problem? If I can help by sharing a log, I will attach it as well.


Thanks in advance for the help! ( really because I almost gave up once… :grinning: )

Hi, does Your Guide to the Nextcloud All-in-One on Windows 10 & 11! - Nextcloud help?

I also wrote the same link/guide and based on that it doesn’t work for me. I did not open two ports alone, but in principle they are only needed for the Talk container (am i right?).
I think that there may be some kind of firewall or port forward problem, which I can’t find unfortunately.

Maybe this helps?

Thanks for the help, but it looks like i found the problem. My network is probably behind a NAT. Using Tunnel solved my problem.