Nextcloud AIO Docker image - Synology

Just a quick question. Is there a howto on this new v23 AIO docker image installation on synology.

not yet. but it should install like any other dockercontainer

Hi, did you try to run the in the readme mentioned docker run ... command on your Diskstation?

Thanks for your reply…

Yeah I did, got stuck at login with the password issue.
So did comment #9 sudo docker exec nextcloud-aio-mastercontainer rm /mnt/docker-aio-config/data/configuration.json ".

But then got the error that Crash on first login · Issue #9 · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub commented on.

And used the work around for Synology here : Add permission workaround for Synology NAS to FAQ by Timmmy · Pull Request #51 · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

So kind of left it there. Pity, as I am loving the idea of AIO.

Hi, the issues that you had should actually be resolved in the latest image in the meantime.
Please try to start all over again by follwing those instructions:

Please report back if that works, thanks!

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