NextCloud AIO - Containers unhealthy. Bug in database container?


I’ve been using NextCloud AIO for a couple of months now and it worked great in the beginning.
Now, the instance needs to be restarted every other day (sometimes multiple times a day), due to containers freezing up (state “unhealthy”).

The symtoms in NextCloud is that, at first in Talk, the preview for internally linked files never loads, the spinning indicator is always visible. Then it is hard to even access conversations and later on, the entire NC instance becomes unresponsive.

I’ve tried migrating to a new instance using BorgBackup, but the new instance behaves the same way.

The containers that are marked as unhealthy by the docker daemon are:

Anyone know how to get a clue to as what the error might be?

Same problem each day:

Been running AIO 27+ now for a few weeks and the problem seems to have disappeared :slight_smile:

Was present since 25+ so something has probably changed in the DB management that fixes this.