Nextcloud AIO Compatibility with Docker 26.0.0 and Docker Compose v2.26.1

Hey guys :slightly_smiling_face: ,

I’m wondering if anyone has successfully installed and run Nextcloud AIO without persistent container restarts using the latest Docker (version 26.0.0) and Docker Compose (version v2.26.1).

I’m confident my Traefik configuration is correct, and the issue seems to arise specifically with Nextcloud AIO on these Docker versions. It worked with older versions.

Key Question:

Has anyone in the community achieved a stable Nextcloud AIO setup with Docker 26.0.0 and Docker Compose v2.26.1?

Additional Notes:

  • I’m running on Ubuntu 22.04 (ARM64).
  • Please focus on the compatibility aspect rather than requesting logs at this stage.

Thank you!