Nextcloud AIO borg backup issue

Hi folk!
I’ve problems with backup in my NC AIO installation.
Yesterday I’ve done a bckup before update to AIO version 5.0.0, and during the operation the electricity has gone out.
After I try to do the bkup again but the log say “Failed to create/acquire the lock” to /root/.cache/borg…
so I try to update the mastercontainer and it gone well and now it’s perfectly run.
But the backup issue remain.
I attempted to unlock with borg break-lock via CLI and than from AIO interface I done a check of my previous backup.
The check is ok but the Backup restore combo box is empty e backup problem remain.

I’m not expert in this stuff.

Someone can help me plz?


Hi, can you check if this helps?

this no only Help…this is the SOLUTION

Thank a lot

Augusto :smile: