Nextcloud after SSL with Certbot too many redirects

HI I have installed SSL with

certbot --nginx -d

Now each time I try to connect to my cloud from outside i get Too many redirects error. I used the below method. Can anyone see why this is not working now as it used to work last year on my old server then after it went and replacing with the new one and replicating all settings it is now failing.

This is the guide I followed ( tidied this up as looked messy in the post)

I would really appreciate some help.

Some how im getting error 422 when trying to upload pics so got this in to PDF instead

I appreciate you were trying to provide some context, but most of that info isn’t necessary and is a lot to wade through for someone trying to help you out. And, unfortunately, it lacks other key info. I think that’s why you didn’t get response. Let’s try this a different way:

  • Are you using a reverse proxy?
  • What is your Nginx configuration?

Do you use Cloudflare?

Try creating a Let’s Encrypt SSL by verifying your domain using DNS and see how it goes.

No reverse proxy

Nginx config pics added to the original post.