Nextcloud activity email


I have installed nextcloud on I have ssh-access.
I would like to set up e-mail alerting for the activities. However, no emails will be sent. Now I have read that you should install a cronjob. By crontab I can not do that, because I only use the GUI of all-incl. can make.

How can I start the occ command by script?

or are there other solutions?


Hello @erik2.

Welcome to the Nextcloud forums.

I do not know your hoster by experience.

Don’t you can setup cron job via ssh?

If not, have you read:

You can use the nextcloud webcron feature with all-inkl cronjobs. Simply put https://[yourdomain]/cron.php in the path field.

If you need to run specific occ commands, you can create a small php file which calls occ by using exec and call that php script using the all inkl cronjob. See their faq for details:


thank all for help.
these infos of all-inkl in link above I did not found. Now it is possible to run the cron :slight_smile:

thanks for all

Give webcron a try, it’s free and does just that and more.