Nextcloud activity app is not logging downloads

In my config there are internal and external storages.

The “External” are local files outer the nc dir but part of the same server the cloud is running on.

Now my problem is that the activity app is not logging all my activities.

Logging is working well for creating files, deleting files, renaming files so as sharing and unsharing.

It is not logging the downloads of my shared files allthough i set the option under
my setting -> sharing -> Email and Stream

No errors in log so no way to figure out what happened.

Sys: NC 11.0.0, PHP 7.0.8, ubuntu server 16.04.1

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I should have mentioned that this “feature” is not only unfunctional for the external storage but also (and that’s my problem) for the internal cloud storage of the user that shares files.


I just tried it on my installation. All downloads - from external or internal storage (over public links) - are shown in my activity stream …


OK my mistake.

Only public linked shares are shown in the Download Activity.
That’s working for me too.

But what is the trigger for the Logfile to log the Download of public (linked) shares instead of the internal shares?

Is there any php file in the activity app that could be modified so that all downloads are logged?