NextCloud accesable through http not https

I installed nextcloud on my rasberry pi 4 2gb runing rasbian i can acces nextcloud with http but when i use https i can make a secure connection but get a 404 not found error


welcome to the user-forum of NC.

I suggest searching said forum first and then opening a new thread. I’m sure there would have been helpful hints on here for your problem.

one of it might be your overwrite.cli.url in your config.php - it should point to your URL and not to your local IP. PLUS it should be https…

I changed my config, same error.
I also could not find any posts having the same problem.

maybe you want to take a look here?

IT WORKS !!! So the problem was that the default virtualhost file uses the correct dir /etc/www/html/
but ssl config file uses /etc/www/html/nextcloud wich does not exist. I am so happy and i wuld like to thank eveyone who contrubuted to NextCloud