Nextcloud 9 update brings security, open source enterprise capabilities and support subscription, iOS app

… that sounds great - so all features (incl. SAML etc…) are available without Enterprise Subscription.
Are these features allready included in the standard installation or extra plugins?

They are included in the stabdard installation. Just go to your app screen and enable them :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: perfect - can you tell me - how this app is called … i have Nextcloud 9.0.51 (stable) installed
and only find an app called "External user support"
is there any installation/documentation guide for SAML integration ?
btw - thx for the super fast reply

It’s only included in the 9.0.52, so you need to update :slight_smile:

Then you can find it in your app screens as “SAML”, once enabled you can configure it in your admin panel. You may need to apply the change from as well.

Configuring the app completely depends on your IdP, in some cases it’s just a few clicks, in some more. But I’d encourage you to file a new topic in the support section for that. :slight_smile:

special thx for this infos!!! :slight_smile:

When will it arrive in the stable channel? My Nextcloud is 9.0.51 and it still says it’s up-to-date.

It showed up for me already yesterday :-/

@LukasReschke we should do a blog or something about the updater stuff. Not only about where we want to take it but what we’re doing right now, ppl ask me if the new release is in the updater yet or not all the time :wink:


@jospoortvliet, @LukasReschke Guys the blog post will be fantastic and give us an idea about the roadmap.

On that thought, is there a published roadmap for NC as a whole? Happy to do the writing if you guys provide the info

We’ll do that once our first major release is out. For now we don’t have a well defined roadmap as we’re focused on adding the enterprise functionality to Nextcloud (well, consider the featurelist from oC the roadmap for the coming release, then…) and a few things individual contribors are working on.

Early next month however we’ll get together and define a ‘real’ roadmap and, OF COURSE, we will talk about that and share everything! :wink:

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Please not… If cryptocloud stops the support for whatever reason we will be in the same situation as we are now with the owncloud app. This makeshift will reduce the probability of a FOSS-licenced nextcloud app for iOS.

Looking forward to that Spreed blog post. I just updated to 9.0.52 primarily to try out Spreed, but it still seems to be marked as experimental in the app section, and still doesn’t actually install Spreed if enabled.

Just out of interest, is the Spreed app for Nextcloud, a Spreed client, server or both?

there is no reason to worry about this, enjoy the present because the future will be even better :blush:


Right now, the spreed app just integrates a spreed server, which you have to run separately. And as that is written in Go, we can’t install that automatically from Nextcloud. We’d like to lower the barrier so we’re looking at how to deal with that but it’ll simply take time.

So for the time being, all I can do is create a how-to for installing the app and server…

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So for the time being, all I can do is create a how-to for installing the app and server…

That still sounds good, Jos! Looking forward to reading it! :wink:

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Does that mean you are planning to change licensing? Would be great news for the trust into the encryption part as well.

What about client side encryption? There was once an owncloud blogpost about encryption in general and in the comments they said that they’d like to support it but don’t have someone that could do that.

Is this still a thing or would you drop that topic?

And to prevent the question: no, unfortunately I have no experience with client-side encryption.

Yesssss, please!! I would love to do beta/alpha tests, because I’m eagerly looking forward to
kickass skype :slight_smile:

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just as an update - I’m still working on a how-to for Spreed.ME but it is harder than I thought… It will be at least a week longer as next week is our hackweek and I’ll be in Stuttgart…

No stress, please! You will have to save your nerves for managing Stuttgart’s traffic chaos :slight_smile: