Nextcloud 9 is out, share the news & start your migration ;-)

Thank you to everybody who helped: Nextcloud 9 is out. This was only possible thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response we got and the many contributors who immediately got involved! We are grateful for the help and promise: we’ll stay true to you and open source!

That means: NO proprietary apps, no separate ‘enterprise’ functionality. Everything open, free, and ready for you to make a difference.

And as a taste, Nextcloud 9 introduces upload-only shares and enterprise-grade logging. Just for you.

See the announcement and get migrated now!

If you want to help: sharing this on social media is SUPER helpful. So is sending it to press or submitting it to forums everywhere. Make a difference and help people on a well maintained, more secure solution for their file share and sync needs!


Some upvotes might be nice to get the news out:


Congratulations everyone!!! That was amazingly quick!! :heart_eyes:

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This is incredible – congratulations on the release, especially so ahead of schedule!

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Just migrated now from the (old) 9.0.2, without any glitch. All went well and smoothly, a very nice dream indeed. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to all ! :kissing_heart:

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I am about to do same scenario.
in this instance is it a delete everything except data and config, upload then trigger process like going from OC 8.x series to 9.x?

In simple terms: YES.

Note that you still can’t skip releases so you have to be on 8.2 for an upgrade to work!

We want to fix that in the future.

ok I am on OC 9.0.1 right now and just wanted to check.
should I first go to OC 9.0.2 then run nextcloud upgrade?

Also ownCube started to offer Nextcloud today. I have made a screenshot of the mail I just got 16 minutes ago:


NC migration from OC 8.2.3 went nicely:
/bin/mv testcloud testcloud.8.2.3
wget && tar xjf nextcloud-9.0.50.tar.bz2
/bin/mv nextcloud testcloud && chown -R apache:apache testcloud
/bin/cp -a testcloud8.2.3/config/config.php testcloud/config/config.php
cd testcloud && sudo -u apache ./occ upgrade && sudo -u apache ./occ files::scan --all
Watch :soccer:
enjoy NC 9.x
Thanks!!!Well done!

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you don’t have to, you can go directly.