Nextcloud 3.13 client on Almalinux: missing GLIBC version

I am trying to install the 3.13 version client on Almalinux but get an error that I have the wrong (old) version of GLIBC. See the console log here:

What can I do here? Any advice is appreciated.


I’m neither using Alma Linux nor the AppImage of the Nextcloud client, so I can’t say for sure, but maybe upgrading to Alma Linux 9, which includes a more recent version of the glibc package, will help…

Wasn’t that the point of the appimage, that it is a bit independent of the environment? Like this, I’d prefer a native client that is properly packaged with my linux version.

Apparently there are still a few dependencies: AppImage client does not work on CentOS 7 · Issue #4308 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub