Nextcloud-3.12.3-x86_64 will not installd

uname -a

Linux myserver 4.18.0-513.18.1.el8_9.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Feb 1 03:51:05 EST 2024 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

cat /etc/redhat-release

Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.9 (Ootpa)


./Nextcloud-3.12.3-x86_64.AppImage: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.29’ not found (required by /tmp/.mount_Nextcl79EkkK/usr/bin/…/lib/

Just from this report (AppImage client does not work on CentOS 7 Β· Issue #4308 Β· nextcloud/desktop Β· GitHub), I’d try in your case to install glibc on your system.
I found something for the versions, but it is for registered customers only:
What glibc version is shipped with a particular Red Hat Enterprise Linux? - Red Hat Customer Portal

I guess there is nothing I can do. I will just keep using the old nextcloud client.

You can’t install glibc? Or not that version?