Nextcloud 3.10.0 for Android is here, bringing collaborative tools, dark mode, rich workspaces and more!

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All the awesome, fresh new features of Nextcloud Hub (Nextcloud 18) have been made available today and some of them come to your Android client as well!

The 3.10.0 version of the Nextcloud Android client is out, bringing new functionalities and more than 150 fixes & improvements to the users. If your phone hasn’t updated yet, get the updates on Google Play or F-Droid!

Get Nextcloud 3.10.0 for Android!

Note: This release will be available on Fdroid after up to 24 hours.

Nextcloud 3.10.0 for Android

Nextcloud 3.10.0 for Android

What’s new?

  • Rich workspaces
  • Collaborative text editor
  • Clickable links in markdown previews
  • Simplified view for auto-upload items
  • Dark mode
  • More fixes and improvements
Rich workspaces

Find out more details and the full changelog here.

Rich workspaces

The latest Nextcloud server release, introduces rich workspaces, which are available also on the Android client. This is a new feature that allows you to embed text above a folder view. You can describe what that folder is about, what kind of files it contains, the nature of the files on that folder or anything that is useful for the other users to know.

Note: This feature is available for servers that are running Nextcloud 18 (or newer).

Clickable links on markdown previews

This improvement makes it possible to click links even on a downloaded markdown file when you access it locally on your mobile, enabling full access the content of your files!

Collaborative text editor

  • Edit text files on you mobile
  • Create new text files on your mobile

Markdown files are an easy way of taking meeting notes with your colleagues, drafting a new proposal during a team call, writing down some quick ideas or thoughts etc. After structuring the text with basic formatting in a human readable way you usually have to get back to it, maybe on the go, edit it again on your mobile and have full access on the content of that file. Maybe you need to share it with other people that will access it on their mobile. Or you might even need to create a complete new text file quickly using your mobile client.

Create new text document

Edit text document

Many syntax highlighting for markdown preview, in read mode only, became supported on the Nextcloud Android client 3.9.0.

With the new updates brought in this release you will be able to create new text files on your mobile and edit text on new or existing text files.

Collaboration on the go gets easier every time!
Note: This featuress are available for servers that are running Nextcloud 18 (or newer).

Simplified view for auto-upload items

Nextcloud 3.10.0 for Android brings improved view of auto-upload items, based on your own preferences! When auto-uploaded folders and files are too many they can create a visual mess sometimes, depending on your auto upload settings. Now, it’s up to you to choose how you want them to be displayed!

You can choose whether to show or hide auto-upload folders:

  • If you have all the folders hidden you get an action button that allows you to show all hidden folders, and displays the number of hidden auto-upload folders
  • If you have all you your auto-upload folders visible, you get the option to hide the folders you don’t want to be displayed
  • If you have some auto-upload files hidden and some others visible, on the bottom of the page you get the number of hidden auto-upload files

Show hidden folders

Show/hide folders

Dark mode

Dark mode

The dark theme becomes available in the Nextcloud Android client 3.10.0!

Enabling the dark mode while using your devices enhances visual ergonomics and reduces eye strain. It adjusts the screen colours according to current light conditions, providing more comfort at night or in dark environments.

A big thanks goes to our community members @AndyScherzinger and @dan0xii for bringing the dark theme to this release.


Of course many fixes, refinements and features are being made regularly and older versions of Nextcloud are not supported. If you run an outdated, unsupported Nextcloud, the Android app will warn you of the risks. Nextcloud 13 is the oldest release that will work with this version of our app and you will get a warning if you are still running Nextcloud 15 or older. We strongly recommend private users to upgrade their Nextcloud servers.

As companies sometimes have to use older versions, Nextcloud offers long term support. Contact our sales team for more information on this.

Thank you community!

A big thanks goes to all the awesome members of our community that regularly help us make Nextcloud better, by translating Nextcloud to other languages or reporting and fixing issues!

Would you like to contribute to our Android app too? Check out all you need to know here.


We appreciate your feedback! If you’d like to share your comments with us, continue the discussion in our forums. What’s the best thing about the Nextcloud Android client so far?


The newest version in the F-Droid repository of this app is from January 19th, and is (still) RC3 of 3.10.0. There seems to be more delay than the 24 hours which is mentioned for the app to appear in F-Droid - or did something go wrong maybe and shouldn’t it be marked as a RC?

Nice, even the mobile view of OnlyOffice works great in the new Android app. Time to ditch that closed source official Android app I guess :wink:

Since F-Droid builds every release from source, they run them in batches on their own schedule. That’s why there’s often a delay of 24 hours or so.
See F-Droid FAQ regarding new releases not showing up.
Edit: removed red herring - the configuration inside your app isn’t the cause of the delay

Thanks for your answer, you explain some aspects I wasn’t aware of. If an (expected) delay is the reason, the current delay is already more than 90 hours, which is much more than a delay of about 24 hours, that’s why I was thinking maybe something else went wrong. I will wait patiently anyway.
It is not because of some configuration in my app, I see the same most recent version ( 3.10.0 RC3) when looking at

Update: I’m learning a lot about F-Droid’s build process! Looks like Nextcloud finally got run today, but the build failed because the build server ran out of memory(?). Next place to look is NC Github F-Droid Gitlab to see if there’s an issue open for it. I wonder if they need donations…

It seems there’s a significant delay for the current F-Droid build batch. The build servers are locked down for security reasons, so unfortunately there’s no status marker. My guess is some other app that got updated recently just takes a long time to build with their limited resources.

Since the official F-Droid room archive is currently not working for me, here’s a screenshot from Sunday of people asking the same thing in Matrix:

Similar questions since then as well, but doesn’t seem to be cause of alarm to F-Droid core folks.


Thanks for the research and updates!
I am not sure where to look for (and make) an issue for this on Gitlab though. Or did you do that already?
On the build failed page you linked to, I read this:

“Execution failed for task ‘:kaptGenericReleaseKotlin’.
Compilation error. See log for more details”
“Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 6.0.”

Anyone wondering about the status on the f-droid package:
Issue has been filed on github:

This closed issue is referencing an open issue on the fdroid tracker itself concerning building the package:

I’m already donating periodically wishing they can keep the engines running, hope others will donate too.