Nextcloud 29: any information on features, collaboration, collective?

Hi there,

I am currently about to decide a future solution for collaborating and hosting information/knowledgebase/wiki in our small company.

We do have a Nextcloud running and I would love to see a solution on Nextcloud.

However, as I understand it, so far tools like Collectives are still a far cry from what we could do with Notion to collaborate on information and on projects, to have content automatically translated, building databases of information on notion and then ask an AI about some of the information in the database.

So while I have to make a decision within the next few days, I was wondering what changes and news are to be expected from Nextcloud 29. I could not find much info on the respective pages.

Can anybody help me out?

No you won’t get any new features unless you track some GitHub changes.

Yes this is not like notion. But this can be hosted where you like it. You can’t do that with notion.

If you want to know more on what you can do with Nextcloud watch replays of webinars. And the last release announcement videos.

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Thanks. So it doesnt look like the next iteration of nextcloud is going to have some big changes in the area I am looking for. Also, according to my research, building some kind of WIKI does not seem to be on the table for anybody at Nextcloud/App developers.

I have tried to watch the last announcements before posting this, but really, it feels like everybody is super exited about self hosting / data privacy. While his is also the reason why we have a nextcloud and i would love to see a solution on nextcloud (also interface looks really good by now), sometimes it feels like “real” solutions and constantly maintained apps are missing for me as a business owner/end user. hard to describe for me in english, sorry, dont want to offend anybody, but if i need a lot of time to understand how we can use nextcloud and how to work around to get our processes supported by nextcloud, it will be a lot harder for my (multi-language) staff

For the wiki part you have collectives. It is not at the same level as some of the other larger ones used. But it is getting there.

The main Editor for collaborative editing is markdown format is text. This is the base in notes, collectives and a few more places.

Question is if you can start small and gradually grow into using Nextcloud.

The pro things with NC is that collectives, talk, deck and files are integrated. Så you can mention a wiki page or a deck Cardin talk without the need to switch to something else, copy a link and paste it.

The ai parts in Nextcloud is also progressing quickly. So have all the apps integrated together with the ai parts. Especially context aware chat with ai (this is a tech preview at the moment) is really interesting.

Last part, be able to change things and be a part of the community.

There are development kits so you can write your own apps. Integrating other apps with the dashboard, search and smart picker

I did take a deeper look at Collectives. I would really love to keep my work and my team in nextcloud.

But there is no option to translate contents (for example text pages in collectives, a “wiki content”) into different languages via some integration or anything else?

There is translation addons for local or remote translation.

You can’t have multi language wiki pages. You can keep multiple separate pages if you like

Here you have two options for translation:

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