Nextcloud 28 very slow when using webinterface (NC 28.0.2, PHP 8.2)

Hi there!

I am wondering about the performance of my Nexcloud installation. Perhaps I am missing something andideally someone can give me a few hints on how to check and make some adjustments to improve the performance.

Until recently my NC (26 with PHP7) was running on an i5 Intel NUC8 and everything was fine IMHO, except it was time to upgrade.

So, few weeks ago I did a completely fresh install on new hardware, an i5 Intel NUC13 (32GB, 980Pro SSD) using Debian 12, Apache, MariaDB, Nextcloud 28, PHP 8.2, and SSL via Let’s Encrypt.
The old machine was updated to v28 before, backup created, and restored to the new new machine. All working - in principle.

The performance when I use the web interface is pretty disappointing.
i.e. when I just load the dashboard (where there is nothing beyond the sample data, user admin) it takes about 4 seconds to load the page:

Similarly when loading the files view (again, only the sample data in the admin profile):

I have the same apps installed, and also copied all relevant PHP settings from the php.ini from my old machine to the new one.

The result is essentially the same, whether I do it locally at home via the 1GBit-LAN, or via access from “the outside” (public from the internet).

When looking at the two above example screenshots, it seems that after ~750ms there is a gap.
On the dashboard it seems to wait until ~3100ms, so over 2seconds. And the files is like ~750ms gap.

The CPU usage and memory is far from seeing any load (htop) when loading a page.
Can anyone give me some advice on how to figure out whats going on here? What could be a performance killer here?

Any advice or hint is appreaciated.

Cheers, san.

Edit: The above is just to illustrate the issue. When I login with my normal user loading the files view takes >10sec, the dashboard ~8sec, each with >3seconds of an apparent gap. I wonder what makes it wait in between.

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I’m not sure if it’s related but i’m experiencing laggy web navigation after upgrading to NC 28, before the upgrade the “files” app was very fast and snappy, now it takes a second to load any folder and it looks like it has to load the preview of the files often.

It’s really hard to tell much from your screenshots behind the timing. Can you check your Network tab in the browser console and see what assets/transactions are loading at that time, whether they’re loading from your browser cache or not, etc.

same issue here, nginx log showing every request need at least 5 seconds to process, some need 10 seconds.

using this docker template

php 8.2.19
mariadb 10.11.7 (i use docker tag 10 instead of 10.6)
nextcloud 28.0.5 (i use production-fpm-alpine tag)

28.0.5 is somehow very slow compare with 28.0.3 or NC27
i have catch up anything including the sample nginx.conf,
rebuilding latest web, proxy using newer docker image

i am using Pi4 8GB board FYR.

just post a update here, my slow issue is solved after updated to 29.0.1